Table of content

1. Welcome to Pet My Best

2. Abstract

3. Introduction

  • Project Motivation
  • Our Platform and Ecosystem
  • Our Token and what make it valuable
  • Our Mission & Vision
  • Project Uniques

4. How to

  • How to start
  • How to get free coin PMB on Pet My Best
  • How to get your Pet viral

5. Tokenomics

6. Roadmap

7. Contacts


1. Welcome to Pet My Best

Welcome to the Pet My Best community!

Pet My Best is an open platform project born exclusively for the worldwide pet-loving community. Here, in addition to being able to freely share interesting moments and stories about your pet, you will be rewarded based on the number of interactions and active activities in the community.

We would like to create a global network of pet lovers. There, your pet will have the chance to be marketed in front of millions of other members. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to spread the love, as well as for your pet to become famous. From there, you can establish your own brand and reap financial benefits.

Please read this booklet attentively to gain a better understanding of the Pet My Best project!

Thank you very much!

2. Abstract

Nowadays, making money online has become extremely popular and easy on data sharing platforms around the world. If you are an influencer and are loved by thousands of followers, your chances of making money online are wide open.

Of course, if you want people to follow and support you, you must share fascinating things with the community. Your pet can be a useful tool. Brand channels on youtube, tiktok, and Facebook have become a popular source of income for pet owners who have adorable pets.

Or if it is, the amount of money isn’t great enough to be profitable for pet owners. Part of the reason is also because pet owners do not know how to do Marketing to promote their loves.

Pet My Best, realizing these issues, provides a comprehensive environment for animal lovers to help them promote their pets widely and popularly. It’s great when your pet image is widely promoted to the global pet-loving community for free.

In addition, owners can now earn rewards for sharing their pets’ best moments and stories. PMB tokens have been created to reward members who actively participate in spreading joy and contentment in the community.

The growth of digital currency in recent years must have caught your attention. And PMB was born to bring value to the Pet My Best community. If you participate in the following community-building activities, PMB will be given to you in full.

  • Share interesting moments and stories about your pet;
  • Interact (like, comment, react) with community posts
  • Introduce members to join the community
  • Received points from other members
  • …..

After that, you can easily convert PMB into other common crypto currency on e-wallets when we issue and put Tokens on international exchanges.

If you are interested in the true value of PMB Tokens, learn more in our introduction to PMB Tokens and understand why PMB Tokens are valuable. We want to establish an internal token so that awards can be redistributed around the community.

We want to build a long-term network for pet lovers rather than pumping up the value of crypto currency like a scam coin. Now, let’s find out more about the Pet My Best project in the following content.

3. Introduction

Project Motivation

Currently, we are in the era of the internet explosion. Our data is stored online and accessible from any location in the world. It can be said that our data can be priceless or worthless. However, you can turn it to give infinite value if you know how.

For example, you can use sharing and branding as a way to reap the benefits outlined above.

One of the best online photo/video/story sharing sites for animal lovers is Pet My Best. When it comes to our business practices we believe in the concept of “Win-Win” for everyone involved in the project.

We create a community where everyone can participate to help develop the community. On the contrary, when the community grows strongly, you will receive great value in return.

Besides creating benefits for the parties involved, the Pet My Best community also wants to participate in supporting and contributing to the construction of funds related to animal protection. One of them is to spread the information of the funds to the community of animal lovers so that they can receive valuable contributions.

Pet My Best wishes to bring benefits to individuals, organizations and projects related to animals in general and pets in particular globally.

Our Platform and Ecosystem

Pet My Best is an open platform that allows you to freely share interesting moments and stories about your pets. At Pet My Best, you can easily post and share stories about your pets with just a few simple steps directly on the website We will actively help you promote on other social networking platforms such as:

🔰 Fanpage:


🔰 Telegram Channel:

🔰 Telegram Community:

🔰 Twitter:

🔰 Instagram:

We believe that the development of the Pet My Best community will help you define your pet brand, or simply spread your joy and happiness to millions of people around the world.

Our Token and what make it valuable

What is PMB?

PMB (Pet My Best) is a token created on the Ethereum platform for the purpose of gratitude and prizes to community members. PMB currently has a total supply of 10,000,000,000 and is about to be popularly traded on digital currency trading platforms like Pancakeswap.

If you are someone interested in cryptocurrencies, you can view full information about the PMB coin in our Tokenomics section.

Members who share and communicate with one another on the website will receive free PMB as a way to express their appreciation and to thank them for their participation.

The system will keep track of the number of coins you currently have in your account. You can request to withdraw to your wallet and bring your Trading Tokens to BUSD/BNB on popular exchanges.

What makes PMB so valuable?

This is probably the question of most people with digital currency knowledge. As you know, now there are thousands of projects born with the intention of spam, pumb & dump bringing terrible effects for those who believe and support the project. It is not surprising that the scam projects do not bring any value and only operate under a short-term Ponzi model.

At Pet My Best, we operate as a media company. Profits of the project are generated from advertising, marketing and promotion activities for brands providing products and services for pets in particular and for animal in general.

Specifically, We accept advertising contracts for companies specializing in providing pet food and clothing on a global scale. And of course to do that, Pet My Best needs your participation to build a large community. Without you, there would be no us. Therefore, we are willing to share profits through gratitude and reward Tokens for active members.

It’s important to note that PMB Token value derives from advertising contracts with pet-related firms, as well as partnerships and platforms that provide digital marketing services via advertising for those brands.

Our Mission & Vision


Pet My Best was designed and developed to provide the opportunity to make money online and promote the brand to the community of people who love animals and pets. Besides, we aim to create more values ​​for animal welfare organizations around the world.


Pet My Best believes in creating a global pet-loving community in the near future. As a result, this brings opportunity and value to both the owner and your pet.

Pet My Best wishes to accompany and help you build a brand for your pet to receive both material and spiritual benefits.

Pet My Best hopes to assist well-known brands in creating their own NFTs using photographs of their pets, which it can then use to market and sell at a profit.

Project Uniques

Nowadays, it is not difficult for you to share your pet’s moments and stories on social media channels. You can absolutely find success and fame there but not everyone can get there.

Here are a few things that set Pet My Best apart from similar initiatives:

Firstly, Pet My Best is a platform to share interesting moments and stories exclusively for the pet lovers and owners. Here, your pet will get more chance to approach the right followers.

Your pet doesn’t have to stand out. As long as the story or moment is interesting enough for the audience to notice your pet image.

Second, Token reward mechanism for members directly as soon as a specific action occurs. You don’t need to wait for luck or chance. Here, you can fully take the initiative in generating income by collecting and trading PMB tokens.

And yet, through Pet My Best, you can track and directly support animal rescue operations and projects taking place globally. This is one of the humanitarian missions that the initiative intends to aim for.

4. How to

How to start

Join and Follow our channels first:

 Follow #Petmybest to Watch more funny and cute animal moments ! 

🔰 Fanpage:

🔰 Facebook Community:



🔰 Telegram Channel:

🔰 Telegram Community:

🔰 Twitter:

🔰 Instagram:

A. Login

To get started, you need to register to participate in the system platform. To facilitate quickly and easily login and account creation, we connect data to your existing social media accounts.

B1. Click on the Humanoid icon on the right Header

B2. Select the channel you want to link to create an account (Facebook or Google)

B3. Accept the rights to read, share data if any

B4. Customize your profile by clicking on the original icon (if desired)

Here you can add links to your existing channels.

B. Share your Pet moments and Stories

Sharing is extremely easy and there are many formats to choose from. To start sharing, follow these instructions:

B1. Click on the “Add GAG” icon on the Header/Menu

B2. Choose Format and template for your post; Upload data directly from your phone/tablet/laptop.

(Note: Maximum image size: 16MB including jpn, jpeg, png, GIF; Maximum video size: 32MB with preferred aspect ratio 3×4 or 1×1; Large size videos should be embed with youtube links )

B3. Set title, description (optional), category, Tags (optional), tick the box “I agree with terms and conditions”

B4. Submit – Waiting to get approved from Moderators

C. Useful functions

  • Comment
  • Reaction to post
  • Like & vote
  • Meme studio platform
  • Long post stories
  • Links embed
  • ….

D. Notes

In order to protect the community and preserve the value of information and content, we strictly prohibit the following acts:

  • Spamming: Spreading spam content, aiming to gain views for other social channels
  • Nudity or other sexually suggestive content.
  • Hate speech, actual threats, or direct attack on an individual or group.
  • Content that is overly violent or self-harming.
  • Fake or impersonated profile page.

How to get free coin PMB on Pet My Best

Now you can get PMB Token completely free through your actions and behaviours on Pet My Best platform. Currently, the system will record user behaviors as points. 1 point = 1 PMB. Let’s explore the ways to receive tokens to your account as follows:

1- Points for publishing content: 10 points/ publish

2- Points for commenting:

  • Normal Comment: 5 points/cmt (limit 100/day)
  • Spam comment: -5 points/ spam cmt

3- Points for referrals:

  • 1 points/visitor (limit 100/day)
  • 10 points/ sign up (limit 1000/day)

(Get the refferal link at

4– Points for daily visits: 5 points/day

5– Points for voting:

  • Points for voters: 1 point/vote
  • Points for items owner: 2 points/ vote

6- Points for reacting: 2 points/ reaction

You can contact us to claim PMB tokens since your account reach 1000 PMB. Points will be reset accordingly.

How to get your Pet viral

5. Tokenomics


  • Name: Pet My Best
  • Symbol: PMB
  • Address: 0xb30DaEcA00E50B7DF7B85573fCD63d7517ec0d9c
  • Network: BSC
  • Decimals: 18
  • Total supply: 10,000,000,000 PMB

Use Cases

The primary utilities of the  token are:

  • Rewarding: PMB tokens are used for rewarding Points according to user’s behaviours such as: posting, liking, commenting, reffering,….
  • Exchanging: PMB tokens can be traded on Pancakeswap exchange
  • In the future, Pet My Best Ecosystem will update with more use cases such as donating, gift for the PMB token.

Token Allocation

The total 10B PMB tokens are allocated into the following sections:

  • Seed round: 5%
  • Private round: 10%
  • Public round: 5%
  • Liquidity & Listing: 15%
  • User Reward: 15%
  • Team: 10%
  • Partners & Advisors: 8%
  • Marketing: 12%

6. Roadmap


7. Contacts

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