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Be an active member on our platform so you can get benefits from us.

Only by sharing your daily Pet moments and supporting other pet lover, now you can get PMB coin directly to your balance and have chance to be in the TOP rank every month to get Cash from us!

About PMB coin, please read the whitepaper for more information. In short, PMB can be used to:

  • Buy products in Petmybest.com;
  • Exchange to cash after listing on Coin based platforms.

The “Rank Of The Month” will be based on the number of PMB you get.


Top 1: 200$ Cash

Top 2: 100$ Cash

Top 3: 50$ Cash (2 slots 3 & 4)


Now you can get FREE POINTS through your actions on Pet My Best platform. Let’s become an active member and get AWARDS from us:

1- Points for publishing content: 10 points/ publish

Your content will be moderated by admin team before publishing. The better content, the more points you can get from other’s votes!

2- Points for commenting:

  • Normal Comment: 3 points/cmt (limit 100/day) – Points for content owner: 2 points/ cmt;
  • Spam comment: -3 points/ spam cmt (Including: short cmt, redirect links to other platform repeatly marked/deleted by admin team)

3- Points for referrals:

  • 2 points/visitor (limit 100/day)
  • 10 points/ sign up (limit 1000/day)

(Get the referal link at https://petmybest.com/members/@user/profile/)

4– Points for daily visits: 5 points/day

5– Points for voting:

  • Points for voters: 1 point/vote
  • Points for items owner: 2 points/ vote

6- Points for reacting: 2 points/ reaction

Cheers to all!