The Parrot Couple

It’s possible that these two new Best Friends parrots seem like they’ve been used as models for Fruit Loops packaging. However, their lives haven’t been as glamorous as they’ve made them out to be. They had a long, harrowing journey before they arrived at the sanctuary, and it was a welcome one.

Macaws Maggie and Rainbow were born under different circumstances. In Las Vegas, Rainbow was a show bird for the hotel’s guests, while Maggie was raised to be a house pet. There are just so many shows you can play in Las Vegas! They were both taken in by a breeder who was hoping they’d produce a really valuable egg for him. So why did they never fall for each other “in that way”? Because macaws are picky about who they choose to mate with. There will be no scarlet macaw babies for that breeder! He was fed up and locked them in a shed for six long years because he was fed up.

This particular woman thought she heard or felt something come from the shed one day while she was there. She asked if she might help the abandoned macaws when she discovered them. He agreed to let her have them for the price of $1,500.

At this point, their social skills were in need of improvement. It’s little wonder Maggie was continually plucking Rainbow’s feathers after six years of being confined with him, and they weren’t exactly cozy with their savior either. So she instructed Best Friends to take the pair into the new, light-filled Feathered Friends building, where they were a little less gregarious. Moreover, there was a spot!

Until recently, Maggie and Rainbow had not seen each other in a long time. It was time for Rainbow’s feathers to grow back after so many years in the same place! At Feathered Friends, however, they happened to be hanging out in the same open room at the same time and began grooming one another. It appeared that they were ready to get back together again! So, no more plucking of feathers. And best of all, we’ve given them the Best Friends pledge that nothing awful will ever happen to them.

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