The Dog Who Killed a Hunter

Matt Branch, a former football player, and his friends went duck hunting in the spring of 2019. Tito, an adorable Labrador retriever, accompanied them on their journey.

A loaded shotgun was discovered in the back of the pickup vehicle driven by the former Louisiana State University lineman.

The safety was clearly activated, indicating that the weapon was no longer dangerous. A few feet away, the gang was preparing for the start of their hunt near Eagle Lake, Mississippi, and they had only just left their hotel.

The dog Tito decided to leap to his feet in the back of the pickup truck all of a sudden. His ability to release the safety on his 12-gauge gun and pull the trigger was enhanced as a result of this action. The bullet passed through the side of the automobile and struck Branch, who was 29 at the time, in the left thigh. Matt underwent multiple procedures, but the damage had become too serious, and the doctors were forced to amputate his limb as a result.

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