Thanksgiving with a Visit from a Cat

Strange cats began to flock to our house and garage. In our basement, they would find the cat door, enter, and hide out there, tormenting our own feline companions. In November of that year, a shy tiger cat became a regular, slipping up the basement steps to help himself to the cat food on our basement stair landing, but scooting away if we tried to draw him closer. We found him in the basement covered in oil from our neighbor’s repair shop one night.

No Fun Bathing a Stray Cat!

We wrapped the cat in old t-shirts and gave him a bath in our basement because we knew that the oil or whatever he had gone into would not come off on its own. We locked him in the bathroom with food, water, and a litter box for a few hours until he was dry enough to leave. Because he didn’t trust us, we let him go back down to our basement, where he made his way back out into the chilly November night.

A Shocking Visitor on Thanksgiving Day

Nonetheless, the most fascinating aspect of this narrative was about to come! ” Our extended family reunited for Thanksgiving dinner a few days later. At the first family dinner, since our son and his family moved to our area, my grandson was telling us about how much he missed his cat that had been missing for more than a month, despite their best efforts to find him.’

A young man and his cat have been reconnected

Our stray tiger cat walked up from our basement as Stevie spoke and stood there staring at him. “That’s my cat!” Stevie said when he spotted him and Tiger promptly stepped in to see his young owner. A small river passed between us and our house, and we’ll never know how he made it over it to get there. It’s hard to explain, but this wonderful cat seemed to know that we were a safe haven and that his master would soon arrive to retrieve him.

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