She hid to live longer and hope God to take her.

A scared stray dog in this condition is likely to avoid rescue personnel rather than embrace them. It’s not as if they’d ever felt love before. They spend their lives battling for food to fill their tummies, for water to drink, and for shelter from the weather. When a wounded straying becomes that far unscathed, he or she is weary and his or her will to fight dissipates.

The injured, sick dog, weary from fighting to live, sought refuge in the thicket and awaits death. She had given up hope. She was old and had experienced a lifetime of struggle. She felt it was time for her to go, having no desire to be rescued.

When a dog is close to their breaking point, it’s time for rescuers to enter the battle for them. Animal Aid was just what they did! Maxine, the dog with the punctured lung, had a considerable wound in her chest. Her lung had been pierced, and because she was an older dog, they weren’t sure if she’d survive surgery, but they were going to try anyhow. She was entitled to whatever effort was necessary.

Maxine was immediately taken to the hospital for emergency life-saving surgery. Many layers of stitching were required. Maxine felt no pain during anesthesia. Her lung was mended using the surgeon’s expertise. Because her injury was quite serious, the repair took several hours

Maxine’s caregivers decided it was time for her to sleep. After an appropriate length of time had passed, Maxine’s caretakers recommended that she attempt feeding herself. She was unused to eating from a bowl and being treated so nicely. At first she was hesitant, but then she accepted the meal after some persuasion from her caregivers.

It took several months of healing but with proper medical care and a regular diet, Maxine made a full recovery. The old gal also made new friends.

The older dog loves to lounge in the sun. Maxine has been alive for a long time, but no one knows how long she’ll live because she will always want for nothing. This is how it’s meant to be.

THIS is the life she most certainly deserves! All dogs deserve love and happiness.

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