Play Fetch with Your Neighbor in Secret, Healthy Games.

Cane Corso and Cane Corso It’s hard to find fault with Bounder. There are many things that he loves about his life, such as spending time with his family, going for walks, and relaxing in his backyard.

As a result, one of the most wholesome and beautiful things I’ve seen in a while has been made possible. In a March 21 TikTok, Bounder’s mother, Brittney Reynolds, explains that an elderly guy and his dog moved into the house next door after the previous owners died. Lyla, the man’s pit bull, enjoys playing with a ball launcher owned by this gentleman. When Reynolds went outside one day, she was surprised to see this:

After chasing down the balls and returning them to the fence, Bounder would return them to the neighbor via a small hole created at the foot of the fence. About 6.8 million people have seen the March 20 TikTok video of their wonderful bond.

At the end of a game of tug-of-war, Undertaker brings the ball back to his neighbor, who then pulls it out from under the fence.

Reynolds had developed a friendship with the gentleman next door, and she even discovered that Nanette, the woman living with him, went to school with Reynolds’ mother.

As for Bounder and Lyla, the two families have agreed to an open-gate policy between their two yards, which has resulted in some joyful playdates for the two happy dogs.

Reynolds and her neighbors have formed a great friendship around their similar love of dogs, which Lyla attended Bounder’s fifth birthday party. It was Nanette’s idea to give Bounder something special.

I just feel so fortunate,” Reynolds stated on TikTok on the day after Bounder’s birthday. “That my next-door neighbor is like that. It’s adorable how much she cares for my dog.”


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