On two legs, the cat had the time of his life.

After suffering a terrible injury, Rexie Roo had to have his front legs amputated. He has since recovered and is even taking to his new home like a duck to water.

In the beginning, Danielle Barnhart fostered Rexie Roo, a tuxedo cat, in her bathroom until he was comfortable with his new surroundings. Danielle awoke one night to the sound of a cat meowing at the door, and he was no longer satisfied to stay still.

Astonished, she opened the door and stared in wonder as Rexie Roo strolled past her and into her room. The only difference between Rexie Roo and other cats is that he lives on two legs instead of four.

A Best Friends foster coordinator in Salt Lake City, Utah, claims “he’d never walked more than a foot or two before. Once she became used to having him sleep in the cat bed next to her bed, she was startled to find him there when she woke up one night.

He’s been defying the odds ever since he arrived to a rural shelter in Utah with terrible injuries (presumably from being hit by a car) the night before. Back then, it didn’t look good for him. Two of his legs were shattered, he was severely underweight, and his fur was in such a state that it looked like a tuxedo in disarray. He was infected with FIV and had not yet been neutered.

If the shelter workers cannot find a place for Rexie Roo where he can receive urgent medical attention, the only other choice is to put him to death humanely. When it didn’t work, they decided to put out a public call for help. Rexie Roo’s rescuers at Best Friends in Utah answered the phone and were shortly on their way.

But he wasn’t out of the woods yet. A medical check at the Best Friends Lifesaving Center in Salt Lake City revealed that his front legs had been crushed and infected in multiple places. His front legs would have to be severed if he wanted to live.

Rexie Roo, a two-legged cat, is snoozing on a bed with a brightly colored pillow in front of him.

Cats in foster care learn to stand on their own two feet thanks to them.

As soon as Rexie’s recuperation was complete, Megan McCloud, who works as a life-saving support lead for Best Friends in Salt Lake City, took her into her care. When I started, it wasn’t as easy as I had hoped. Megan had to carry him to the litter box and feed him because he was on a lot of medicine to combat infection and manage his pain. Megan claims it took around ten days for him to start purring.

The food was great, and he was happy to cuddle with Megan’s cat. He began to put on weight, and it appeared like he would be alright for the first time since his rescue. Rexie Roo traveled to Danielle’s house when he was stronger and his wounds had healed to begin the next phase of his recovery: walking.

Rexie Roo was unable to walk more than a few feet at first. With the help of incentives, Danielle taught him how to walk. “He doesn’t walk like a T-Rex,” she explains. “But he does lift his torso off the ground.” “It’s fortunate that he’s a foodie,” she adds. A treat-dispensing ball and a food bowl that was a little bit out of reach helped us convince him to start walking,” says the author of this post.

Looking for a kitty to play with

He was soon confidently bounding around the home, as was Rexie Roo. It didn’t take him long to figure out how to use the litter box and even hop onto the couch by himself. He had everything he needed, including an A-plus personality, which meant he was suitable for a long-term residence.

Cairistiona Flatley was smitten the moment she saw him on Instagram. Since adopting KeeKee from Best Friends two years ago, she had been searching for a friend for the feline. “I knew I wanted to adopt him as soon as I saw his photo and read about his past,” she adds.

The time was perfect, as well. Cairistiona was able to spend more time at home with Rexie Roo while the city of Salt Lake City was closed due to the coronavirus. Because of this, she called the Best Friends team to discuss Rexie Roo’s unique situation.

On the next day, she put on her mask and gloves and went to the facility. Rexie Roo’s presence in her arms meant she would be bringing him home that day, and social distancing laws don’t apply to pets.

Helping Utah achieve its goal of being a no-kill state

Cairistiona and Rexie Roo the cat cuddled up together.

I am referred to as a ‘Double amputee QT.’

Cairistiona describes him as “wonderful.” In his time at Best Friends, he has made tremendous improvement, and he’s just getting stronger every day. Cairistiona’s bed is no match for Rexie Roo’s growing strength; he can even jump up there, although getting back down is still a challenge. So that he can land gently, she watches him closely and attempts to intercept his jumps in order to keep him safe. She’s also putting in ramps to make it easier for him to go down.

Cairistiona hopes to convert Rexie Roo to a standard litter box with a ramp so that he can use it independently. The two of them also get along nicely. She says, “We’re making it work.” “At the moment, we’re all in good spirits.”

As a “wet food aficionado,” “cuddle enthusiast,” and “double amputee QT,” Cairistiona chronicles Rexie Roo’s progress on his Instagram page.

Indefatigable in every way.

If Rexie Roo keeps going at this rate, Cairistiona is confident he will be able to travel around her flat as effortlessly as a cat on four legs in no time. She had no qualms about adopting a cat with special needs. As a result, she became even more eager to adopt Rexie Roo.

Cairistiona replies, “Everyone has their own problems.” “To me, he’s a one-of-a-kind guy.” Because he is so tenacious, he attracts the attention of others. Although he’s been through so much, “the sweetest animal I’ve ever encountered,” he’s still my favorite.”

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