Man Completely Transforms Garbage Bag Into A Bed With A Little W

Stella went almost two years without a proper home. She used anything she could find, even trash bags, to make a bed. If only someone would give the stray a chance, she would have so much to give.

The 1-year-life old’s then turned for the better, and this was made possible by her astounding transformation.

When Heather Martin discovered about Stella, she knew they had to meet. Heather Martin was looking to expand her family with a new furry addition.

Martin added, “My husband and I led into them when a reporter told me about the chess pieces out of Fort Ric. We “instantly fell in love” with Stella.

Stella required immediate medical attention, despite Martin’s desire for the “ling, sweet, layful, curious sucker chewer, who loved to be in the sun” to join her family right away.

Martin added, “Stella was left in a dorm and for a while she survived by sleeping in rubbish bags and eating whatever she could find. She had severe mange, rashes, hives, and scabies. When they saved her, she only weighed 9 pounds.

Stella was given the all-clear to move into her new home after receiving medical attention. The once-homeless man’s appearance completely changed with Martin’s arrival.

The incident resulted in the addition of a dog named Lulu to the rescue team so that Stella would have a sibling to grow up with. And Stella’s “cuddle bug” personality infuses Martin’s life with new energy.

Stella has been a beacon of sunshine, according to Martin. “[She] cuddles us when we need it and knows when we need love. She is genuinely perfect and only wants to be happy.

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