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Just the appropriate place for a rambunctious dog

It’s easy to see how a young German shepherd puppy will fit in with her new home.

As you might expect from a large, energetic young dog, Mila is no exception. She was so full of life that most people couldn’t keep up with her, and this hampered her prospects of being adopted. From BARC Animal Shelter and Adoptions, Best Friends in Houston received a lively German Shepherd, and the first step was to put her in foster care where she could receive some basic training.

Her foster family got her off to a fantastic start by providing her with a warm and welcoming home while she fought to overcome the fear that came with moving to a new area.

In search of the perfect match

When she couldn’t get along with the family’s other dog, Mila was shortly adopted, but she was returned. In order to help Mila learn how to remain calm when meeting other dogs for the first time, she was put with another foster volunteer. It was because of the training that Mila was ready to be adopted by a new family as a companion for their other dog.

Dobie, Christine and Kevin’s cane Corso and German shepherd mix, could use some company, so they started perusing the Best Friends website’s list of available pets. To find out more about Mila, they called Best Friends.

For this foursome, [fostering dogs is] a family affair.

Christine and Kevin were thrilled to hear that Mila was a high-spirited, good-time gal. They were seeking for a dog who would get along well with Dobie and like going for walks and playing rough and tumble. Mila could be a good fit for them if the two dogs got along.

Christine and Kevin fell in love with Mila as soon as they met her, and the meeting with Dobie went so smoothly that they were able to finalize her adoption. After a series of missteps, she was able to find a place that was just suited for her.

Mila’s family accepts her just as she is.

Christine had already established a schedule with Dobie, so she didn’t have to learn anything new. Christine says that “Mila has a relaxed attitude.” Before going to bed, “I take them for a walk in the morning, then we play together during the day and again at night.”

Because of her adoption, Mila is now living the best possible life with her new family.

We love her. Mila has a certain aura about her. “She’s going to be herself, whether you like her or not,” Christine added. If Dobie isn’t looking, she loves to steal his food and roll on her back to get belly rubs. As a family, we couldn’t be happier to have her.

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