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1. Login

To get started, you need to register to participate in the system platform. To facilitate quickly and easily login and account creation, we connect data to your existing social media accounts.

B1. Click on the Humanoid icon on the right Header

B2. Select the channel you want to link to create an account (Facebook or Google)

B3. Accept the rights to read, share data if any

B4. Customize your profile by clicking on the original icon (if desired)

Here you can add links to your existing channels.

2. Share your Pet moments and Stories

Sharing is extremely easy and there are many formats to choose from. To start sharing, follow these instructions:

B1. Click on the β€œAdd GAG” icon on the Header/Menu

B2. Choose Format and template for your post; Upload data directly from your phone/tablet/laptop.

(Note: Maximum image size: 16MB including jpn, jpeg, png, GIF; Maximum video size: 32MB with preferred aspect ratio 3×4 or 1×1; Large size videos should be embed with youtube links )

B3. Set title, description (optional), category, Tags (optional), tick the box β€œI agree with terms and conditions”

B4. Submit – Waiting to get approved from Moderators

3. Useful functions

  • Comment
  • Reaction to post
  • Like & vote
  • Meme studio platform
  • Long post stories
  • Links embed
  • ….

4. Notes

In order to protect the community and preserve the value of information and content, we strictly prohibit the following acts:

  • Spamming: Spreading spam content, aiming to gain views for other social channels
  • Nudity or other sexually suggestive content.
  • Hate speech, actual threats, or direct attack on an individual or group.
  • Content that is overly violent or self-harming.
  • Fake or impersonated profile page.