Hachiko – a symbol of loyalty

In the world of dogs, Hachiko is possibly the most famous of them all. Many books and movies have told the story of Hachiko.

When Hachiko was born in late 1923, he was an Akita dog. Hidesaburo Ueno, a university professor, adopted Hachiko and brought her back to Tokyo in 1924. Professor Ueno and his dog Hachiko immediately formed a routine: Hachiko followed Ueno to the Shibuya train platform each day and returned home alone; the dog met Ueno as soon as he exited the station. Professor Ueno no longer showed up at Shibuya Station’s entrance as usual until one day in May 1925.

When Professor Ueno went to the university that day, he had a brain hemorrhage, so he departed and never returned to the station at Shibuya.

Hachiko had been given away by Professor Ueno after his death, but the dog kept escaping and turning up at Professor Ueno’s old residence time and time again. Hachiko eventually learns that Professor Ueno no longer resides in the house where she was raised. A familiar haunt, Shibuya Station in Tokyo, the dog immediately set out in search of its owner. Hachiko waits patiently for Professor Ueno every day. Shibuya Station, where he couldn’t spot his pal among the crowds of commuters returning from work.

Many onlookers have taken notice of the dog, which sits still on the platform. Hachiko is frequently seen with former professor Ueno, who is well-known in the community. Hachiko is fed and cared about by them. It had been nine years since Hachiko had last seen his owner, and he was still sitting there, waiting.

On the 8th of March, 1935, Hachiko died. Shibuya residents found the dog wandering the streets. At the National Science Museum of Japan in Tokyo, Hachiko’s body is currently on display.

Even after his death, Hachiko’s story continues to be told and remembered as a symbol of fidelity among the Japanese.

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