Dogtown throws a party for a hero dog with a troubled background

On a typical Tuesday afternoon, a dog park at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is packed with people eagerly awaiting the arrival of the guest of honor. One of them is clutching a brand-new dinosaur toy in his or her hand. Legion, the huge old brindle dog that everyone has come to see, arrives in style, riding up to the gate on a golf cart. Seeing all of his friends gathered in one location makes his tail start bouncing with excitement, and his caregivers have chosen a starry tie for him to wear on his collar. Many people’s mouths are about to be slobbered on.

Legion’s buddies can only welcome him from a distance when he’s on a leash because of his past, which makes it difficult for them to interact with him. Just because they could, his caregivers decided to throw him a birthday party. With no leashes involved, he could spend time with everyone who has fallen for him during his stay at the Sanctuary.

Starting out as a hero dog can be difficult.

Before arriving at Best Friends, Legion had to go through a lot. His folks had him tied to the bedroom wall since he was attempting to live in an apartment where dogs were not permitted. He was only let out once a day to go to the bathroom and then returned to the house. He had no choice but to accept that accidents were a part of life. He was in big trouble if he made a peep. It had been a challenging and occasionally turbulent existence for me.

At some point afterward, his person was attacked in the room where they were both livings. Legion went to great lengths to keep her safe. To save her, he ripped the chain from the wall and pushed himself into the fray, costing him his only place of refuge. Even though he was trying to save a person, his actions were deemed inappropriate and many were especially concerned because there was a baby in the house at the time of his intervention. According to the landlord and the agency in charge of child welfare, Legion had to be removed from the premises immediately.

Legion was taken into custody and placed in a shelter. He was taken to Best Friends, where he was given the peace, calm, and time he needed following a traumatic start in life.

I’m surrounded by my closest pals.

After spending some time getting to know Legion, the Dogtown crew discovered that he was a sociable, outgoing dog who adored people. When he was on a leash, it appeared that he had a history of trauma that manifested itself. As he had spent so much time in chains and experienced so much, it’s expected that he’d have a hard time attracting lovers from afar. The people looked up to him as a hero because of his actions.

The boy sat right up against the door of his room to listen to the stories that were told to him by volunteers. His caretakers adored him. Legio was a charming young man. He was a master of the agility course after learning a slew of tricks.

He was able to go on walks with volunteers after his caregivers devised a system that allowed him to meet new people without being tied down. It only takes a matter of seconds to get him to stop barking, according to Sam Woyak, the dog’s caregiver. Sam opens the gate and Legion comes out to say hello when Legion is calm and waiting. I put the leash on him and give him to (the new person),” Sam adds. “He’ll show off all his tricks before I hand him on.” After that, he and a new acquaintance set off to explore the Dogtown paths.

As a result of that, Legion’s friendships have blossomed in a way that he never imagined possible. Legion, who has aged into a distinguished gentleman with graying hair around his nose, is well-liked.

The majority of the time he leaves the house, he’s either driving or riding a golf cart. While he enjoys it, he’s gained a reputation for being an extremely slobbery kisser during these trips. “You get instant inches-thick slobber all the way down your shirt and in your ear if you take him on a car or golf cart ride,” Sam explains. Because he loves you so deeply, you can’t say no.

Slobbery kisses are the best thing ever for some folks. Across the street from the Sanctuary, where Joyce Moyer used to read to Legion, she now helps animals who have found a new home there. While at her desk at work, she discovered she could finally meet Legion face-to-face.

Joyce recalls meeting him shortly after he arrived. My dream was to kiss his face one day, and that day has finally arrived.” And I got to do it, and it was wonderful. I’d want to shed a few tears… “He’s absolutely incredible,” he says.

Legion is a joyful dog that enjoys getting together with his friends and going on vehicle journeys because he enjoys the same things we do: giving and receiving food. If you give him a fluffy toy, he’ll dismantle it in seconds, and you’ll find him sifting through a mound of teddy bears to discover a hidden goodie. However, seeing and spending time with his pals is the thing he enjoys the most.

Sam exclaims, “He’s so easygoing and he’s such a lovebug.” That which is not a result of trauma. As far as I know, he was born that way. Anyone who talks about Legion does so with genuine enthusiasm. He’s adored by everyone who meets him.

On a routine Tuesday afternoon, they decided to throw a surprise birthday celebration for him. In order to show him how much he means to his buddies as well as to reward him for being such an excellent dog, Legion was given a couple more treats.

Everyone, of course, hopes that Legion’s next big party will be a celebration of Legion’s return to the United States. Meanwhile, he’ll continue to bask in the warmth of this location that has become his second home at a time when he has never felt more at home than he does now.

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