Crouton, the GOAT of Corgi Limbo, at Corgi Beach Day

Crouton, the Pembroke Welsh corgi from Pembrokeshire, isn’t deterred by his age or a cancer diagnosis. She’ll go as low as she has to in order to get what she wants.

Corgi Beach Day in Huntington Beach, California, saw a seventh win for the white-and-gold corgi in the corgi limbo contest. We have to presume that she is the corgi limbo equal to Tom Brady based on her seven titles. How did she accomplish this? When you’re calm and methodical.

Following Crouton’s owner’s descent to an adorable low point, Crouton is coaxed under the bar by an adorable cue: “wiggle wiggle.” Thousands watch as Crouton lowers her belly to the sand and begins an army crawl forward. She gets her ears past the bar first, before wriggling the rest of her body under it.

After saying, “I think she’s going to make it,” in a TikTok video of Crouton’s limboing, the announcer exclaimed, “yeeahhhh!” in celebration.

A Corgi Beach Day competition in early April brought her victory. We’re already searching for flights for the next one, which is in October. Owners and trainers of corgis take corgi limbo quite seriously despite the charming encouragement.

A co-founder of Corgi Beach Day told Daily Paws that “the limbo competition becomes pretty serious” during the event. “The crowd is enthralled, and Crouton has won nearly every year since it began.”

About 10 years ago, Corgi Beach Day began. There were hundreds of people at the festival, and organizers decided to add competitions and games to keep things interesting. Corgi yoga, best corgi momo (aka best corgi butt), musical corgi chairs, and, of course, corgi limbo were all on the agenda.

“We came up with most of the contests ourselves,” Kelly explains. I thought, ‘Why not?’ when we came up with the concept of corgi limbo because corgis tend to be low to the ground in the first place. Now people train them to do the sameβ€”so it’s sweet!’

In terms of preparation, Crouton has had plenty. This year, more than 12,000 people watched her seventh victory, certainly the finest yet. As a result of her cancer diagnosis, Crouton was compelled to endure many rounds of radiation and chemotherapy treatment.

As Crouton said in an Instagram post announcing her triumph, “At 14 years old and facing illness, I’m slower than I used to be.” But she thanked everyone for their encouragement and love in the post.

Crouton, we’ll always have your back!

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