Cats' artwork

“Starving artist” takes on new meaning for the kitties of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. They’ll meow at you all day, even if they’re not hungry, to persuade you that they need those additional snacks. And they’re obviously creative people.

The Cat World crew has put up a new form of the game for their feline friends: painting, complete with non-toxic paint bottles, stacks of paper, and Ziplock baggies to keep fur and fingers clean. In the meantime, caregivers and volunteers painted the canvases, and the cats got to “choose” their own colors by sniffing and knocking over the bottles. Then, the cats are allowed to roll and wander on top of the protective plastic and eat treats to spread the paint around as they see fit.

According to Bee McCarroll, the project’s creator and a caretaker, “we tried to detach ourselves as much as we could from it. The only difference between us and them is that we have thumbs.

It’s amazing the artwork the cats have produced! No two pieces are the same because of the enormous range of color and motion that is captured in them. The artist’s personality is reflected in the titles. (Without the support of caregivers, these would all be illegible.) An adorable little cat named Koda, who enjoys snuggling up to strangers, has a painting entitled “Free Hugs.” Jelly Bean, who is deaf and has a penchant for really foul odors, created the painting “Aroma.”

It was a lot of joy working on this project, and Bee and the rest of the cats at the Sanctuary plan to do it again. While we wait for the Sanctuary’s first all-cat digital art gallery to open, have a look at some of the paintings that have already been produced.

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