Cat can't wait to see dad after soldier's return

Many people were moved to tears by the touching reunion of a soldier and his Ragdoll cat, a homecoming that had been long in coming. It’s no wonder it’s been a YouTube sensation since 2014, with roughly 32 million views.

This video has gone viral for a reason, right?

Until now, we’ve considered that only dogs are capable of exuberantly greeting their human companions. Cats, on the other hand, we believe, are significantly less intelligent than that. Finners, a fluffy Ragdoll cat, was the first to conquer the hearts of many people, including his own parents.

Nick, a soldier who had been away for some time, returned home after a long absence. He was dressed in military fatigues and carrying a few belongings from his recent deployment. Finners, the cat, was meowing loudly when Nick was walking toward the entrance. Cats, according to research, are the greatest at distinguishing between the scents of different people and animals.

In order to verify that Nick was his father, Finners meowed many times before he slammed the door shut. Then, without warning, the cat jumped into his arms. This is just too cute for words!

“What’s up, buddy? “, I asked. “It’s me,” you hear. In response, Nick began to rub Finners’s neck.

Finners the cat’s purrs can be heard in the video if you pay attention. The cat hoped to see his father every day, and he got his dream.

This viral video was recorded by Nick’s girlfriend (now his wife) to show the world that cats aren’t aloof. The loving nature of cats is considerably greater than that of dogs.

Toward the end of the video, Nick’s wife also recorded an additional kitty who appeared to be unfazed by his father’s entrance. “Oh, you’re home, terrific,” he said. The blue point Siamese cat was deaf and blind, according to Nick’s wife’s latest update.

It’s been 17 years since Boo the Blue Point Siamese, a 17-year-old deaf and blind cat, came into our lives.” It would be impossible to replace our Helen Keller kitten. Finners, our 8.5-year-old Ragdoll, is our best friend. There are only a few months to go until Pudding, our Siberian Forest Cat, turns 2. There are a lot of “CatDogs” among them.” YouTube had just been updated by the woman.

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