Bobbie, the amazing dog

Bobbie, a two-year-old crossbred sheepdog, was a sensation in the 1920s because of her story. My family and I were on holiday in India in late 1923 when our pet, Bobbie, went missing.

Until February 1924, when the Brazilian owners were still baffled by the disappearance of their beloved dog, a picture of a thin, dirty, filthy dog with footprints suddenly appeared. They received a visit from Bobbie’s. Despite suffering the bitter cold of winter, Bobbie managed to travel 2,800 miles (4,100 kilometers) back to the Indian city where she went lost.

As a result of a selection of Bobbie’s story in The Silverton Appeal being reprinted in newspapers across the country, Bobbie has become a household name. Based on the stories of people who met Bobbie on her journey to the Oregon Humane Society, the organization investigated and corroborated the narrative.

Bobbie’s former home on Silverton Street now has a statue of the teen.

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