After being rescued from the streets, this puppy has found a new home

Bella finally gets to experience what it’s like to be a part of a family after putting her tragic background in the past.

Bella, who is only two years old, has already experienced a great deal. Abandoned and bound, she was discovered in the backyard of an abandoned house. She’d run out of food and water, and she had no place to hide from the elements. She was in desperate need of help. She even tried to free herself by chewing off her own back limb, but that didn’t work either, as she remained trapped.

Bella, a three-legged dog that had a tough start, was quickly surrounded by a group of people who loved and supported her and worked tirelessly to ensure that she would not only survive but thrive. Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in southern Utah is home to Bella, who has made a lot of friends along the trip from Saginaw County Animal Care and Control in Michigan. It’s time for the big party now that she has returned to her own country. New family and freedom to be the energetic, happy (and a little naughty) young dog that she is have given her a new lease on life.

A particular dog has found a new home.

Kim Diehl and Jason Reding will have to say their final goodbyes to Roxanne, their senior dog, in October of 2021. She was an eight-year-old dog who had been adopted from the Sanctuary and given a warm, loving home to spend her final years in peace. They wanted to share their devotion with a second canine companion.

On the Best Friends website, Kim came across Bella’s tale and immediately realized that she had discovered the perfect match. It was a photo of Bella’s large, cheerful puppy smile that originally captured Kim’s attention. As soon as we saw each other, we were instantly infatuated.

It was only a matter of time before Kim and Jason arrived to the Sanctuary to meet the happy pooch. An overnight with Bella was scheduled while they were there, in one of the on-site cottages. It was her vibrant attitude that sealed the deal, not just her tale and images. Kim and Jason fell in love with her as they spent more time with her because she was joyful, lively, and full of energy.

As soon as Kim and Jason had made their decision, they headed to Dogtown to pick up Bella and transport her to her new home. The sheer joy on Bella’s face nearly knocked Kim and Jason off their feet as she sprinted through her play yard and into their arms. She raced around them, as well as the Sanctuary workers who had gathered to say farewell. After she’d expended some of her pent-up energy, she hopped into Kim’s car seat and the two of them took off.

Another shot at becoming a puppy.

This is Bella’s first week at her new home and she’s already in love with it. “It’s been a whirlwind,” chuckles Kim.

Bella is a never-ending whirlwind of activity who refuses to slow down even for a second. The moment Kim and Jason take their eyes off of her, she’ll either be gnawing on something or running away with a stolen towel or rug.

Kim points out that “she’s the complete opposite of Roxanne.” “We were used to her (Roxanne’s) becoming more laid-back as she grew older. (Bella) on the other hand, is the complete opposite. But that’s fine. She’s still a pup. As a result, “we’ll let her be a puppy and let her enjoy life,”

To assist keep Bella focused on more productive activities, Kim says they’ve enlisted the help of an excellent trainer. Every so often, they’ve started introducing her to doggie daycare, where she can socialize with other dogs and let her playful side shine.

Bella, of course, isn’t ready for sleep just because she’s tired. Jason observes that “sometimes she fights to go to sleep.” Kim compares the pup’s behavior to that of a cranky toddler who refuses to go to bed. When you let her go around for a little while, she quits up and goes to lay down.

All of the characters should be asleep when Bella decides it’s time for bedtime. She makes her way to her bed, which is immediately next to Kim and Jason’s, around 7:30 p.m. every night and falls asleep. It’s possible that Bella will return to the bedroom to check on them if they don’t follow her soon enough.

It’s time to go to sleep, and if you’re still not there in time, Kim lets out a couple of barks from the bedroom to let you know it’s time to go to sleep. “That’s so cute.”

Bella is finally doomed by the time everyone has retired for the night. It doesn’t take her long to recharge her batteries after a good night’s sleep. She always sits in front of the rear door when she has to go somewhere. She’ll either rest or turn around and lead Kim and Jason back to the house when she’s worn out on a stroll.

When it comes to Bella’s wishes, her family is happy to accommodate her wishes. After returning after a walk, Kim adds, “she stood by the car door” when they returned home. For her request, “We got in and went for a drive,” she said.

When Kim and Jason say they’re going to spoil Bella, they’ve certainly been keeping their word.

Finally, I’m savoring the love.

Bella has been a bubbly, bright puppy ever since she was liberated from the cords that bound her; nonetheless, she had a hard time resting and appreciating the love she was now receiving.

When she eventually rolled over and requested belly rubs, it was a proud moment. If you want to scratch her belly, she will sit up and allow you to do so, but she does not understand the concept of ‘I am going to lie on my back and roll over.'” A lot of dog knowledge is lacking from her. The other day, though, she allowed Jason to stroke her tummy while she sat on her back.”

Bit rocking back and forth in the rocking chair last night, Jason adds, “I held her for a little while in my arms.” This is another small step forward for the timid dog who had previously been reluctant to cuddle.

Bella is settling into her new life one day at a time. In her rare moments of respite, she’s discovering that she has a family on which she can rely no matter how frantic she may be during the course of the day.

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