A Biker Woman Discovers a Kitten in an Intersection


Gizmo For this kitten, good fortune is a luxury that not many other felines may enjoy. When a sweet motorcycle woman saw it about to be run over, she couldn’t bear to leave it there. Bicyclist Mater came upon Gizmo, who was frightened, at a busy crossroads. Unfortunately, the kitten didn’t know what to do.

She stopped, got off her bike, and retrieved the object off the ground. Gizmo was initially afraid but didn’t object to being taken in. In her backpack, she stowed away a new companion. Sleeping the entire way back from a trip, I had a rough first day at home, possibly due to stress. The next day, when he relaxed and displayed his true colors, he realized he was in a secure place.

A Scurvy Cat

Matea took Gizmo to the vet as soon as he was feeling better after a few days. In reality, he was just half the size and dangerously underweight of other kittens of his age. With a good diet and a few medications, though, it may be remedied. Because of his long ears, she decided to name him Gizmo when she brought him home.

Despite a few weeks of treatment at the vet’s office, Gizmo is doing better than ever. His new mom has given him a new lease on life, and we couldn’t be happier for him. Many people do not.

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